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Purple Turtle Preschool Master Franchise in New Zealand.

February, 2017

Purple Turtle Books are now in Tunisia.

February, 2017

Purple Turtle Preschool Master Franchise now in Nepal.

February, 2017

Kids' Space Comes Alive with Purple Turtle Wall Decals.

February, 2017

Purple Turtle Books are now on Firstcry.

February, 2017

New Purple Turtle Preschool opened in Korba, CG, India.

February, 2017

Purple Turtle has brought Augmented Reality in books to bring story to life!

February, 2017

Mustang has launched kids' socks and undergarments inspired by Purple Turtle.

February, 2017

Purple Turtle Rhymes & Stories are now on Opera TV.

February, 2017

Purple Turtle rhymes & stories are now on Amazon Prime.

February, 2017

CV Media Center to represent Purple Turtle in Indonesia

February, 2017

Aadarsh discusses ‘Rise of Purple Turtle’, its Animated Debut at MIP TV & Future Plans

February, 2017

Kaynak Licensing Agency will represent Purple Turtle in Turkey

February, 2017

Aadarsh Plans Purple Turtle Apparel

August, 2016
Aadarsh Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. has partnered with Mustang Enterprises to launch a range of socks and undergarments inspired by Purple Turtle and Colour Fairies. The branded socks and undergarments will be available for toddlers and children at a variety of retail stores in India as well as online this year. Purple Turtle books have been published in a number of countries including the U.S., Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Indonesia and Malaysia, among many others. More than 1 million copies have been published to-date. Read more +

Aadarsh's Purple Turtle Adeventures is heading to Greece & Cyprus

November, 2014
Aadarsh Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. has joined hands with leading publishers Susaeta Hellas Publishing S.A., Greece to launch Purple Turtle story books, colouring books and dot-to-dot books in Greece & Cyprus. India-based IP development company, Aadarsh Technosoft Pvt. Ltd., has signed with leading children’s book publisher in Greece, Susaeta Hellas Publishing S.A. to produce a line of children’s book products for the company’s anchor IP property, Purple Turtle, for Greece & Cyprus.   Read more +

CV Media Center to represent Purple Turtle in Indonesia

April, 2014
Purple Turtle licensed by Aadarsh Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. is World’s cutest Turtle and now it will be represented by CV Media Center in Indonesia. CV Media Center, is a leading publication house in Indonesia. Started in 2009, CV Media Center entered into a licensing agreement with Cartoon Network in 2010 to 2011 to publish books of the shows like Ben10, Powerpuff Girls and more. CV Media Center publishes various renowned magazines and books like Puzzle, Top Asian Celebs, Top International Celebs along with magazines likes airliner magazine, Military maga Read more +

Aadarsh brings Angel Cat Sugar to India

March, 2014



Upcoming events

Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2016 : 21st-23rd June 2016
Brand Licensing Europe : 11th-13th October 2016
Frankfurt Book Fair : 19th-23rd October 2016

Past events


MIPTV, 2016 : 4-7 April 2016
Bologna Book Fair, 2016 : 4-7 April 2016
New York Toy Fair, 2016 : 13-16 February 2016
Kidscreen Summit, 2016 : 8th-11th February 2016
New Delhi World Book Fair, 2016 : 1st-18th January 2016


Frankfurt Book Fair : 14th-18th October 2015
Brand Licensing Europe : 6th-8th October 2015
Licensing Expo 2015, Vegas : 9th-11th June 2015
Kidscreen Summit, Miami : 23rd-26th February 2015
Hong Kong Licensing Show : 12th-14th January 2015


MIP COM : 13th-16th October 2014
MIP Junior : 11th-12th October 2014
Frankfurt Book Fair : 8th-12th October 2014
Bologna Book Fair : 24th-27th March 2014
New Delhi World Book Fair : 15th-23rd February 2014


Frankfurt Book Fair : 8th-13th October 2013
MIP Junior @ Cannes, France : 5th-6th October 2013
Bologna Book Fair : 25th-28th March 2013


Licensing Show India, New Delhi : 3rd-4th November 2012
Brand Licensing Europe : 16th-18th October 2012
Frankfurt Book Fair : 10th-14th October 2012
MIPCOM and Not Con, 2012 : 8th-9th October 2012
New Delhi Book Fair : 1st-9th September 2012
Kids Super Hero Contest : 31st August 2012
Social science Workshop : 25th August 2012
Licensing Expo - Las Vegas, USA : 12th-14th June 2012
World Children Expo, Gurgaon : 25th-27th May 2012
Story Reading Session, Gurgaon : 25th-27th May 2012
International Expo, Bhopal : 3rd-14th May 2012
Bologna Book Fair : 19th-22nd March 2012
Cartoon by the Bay 2012 : 19th-22nd March 2012
World Book Fair, 2012 : 4th-10th February 2012

 In print media

Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd gets award for Purple Turtle Animation

Purple Turtle presentation in Hong Kong International Licensing show

Purple Turtle sets a display at 11th Hong Kong International Licensing Show

Purple Turtle presentation in Licensing show

Purple Turtle presentation in Hong Kong